János Sugár
MC of subdepartment:
International department of present humiliation and future nostalgia


ICOLS Evacuation Plan

János Sugár
- FEB 2004 - Budapest

I would propose a huge ICOLS Evacuation Plan, the plate which use to be at every floor beside the elevator, how to leave the building in case of emergency. Since ICOLS building is fictional, it could be a general master plan.

The Evacuation Plan has to be realized by an evacuation expert firm. ok, to this we would need a virtual icols building in a sim city like artworld. Eventually we could squat in an already existing building in every city, and creating proper evacuation plans and manuals for each.

The evacuation plan would show how should all the 8 departments act in case of emergency. lets say, the revolutionary nostalgia has to leave the building on the fire escape on the right, etc.

Visually it is a 2m x 1m standing banner, showing the skeleton of the local ICOLS building and arrows how the evacuation route.

By the years it could be a series of cities, buildings and evacuation plans, later eventually a booklet containing the details of the process: choosing the building, discussing the places, office life, etc. could be published.