Julian Walker Lexicographer UK

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Alphabetical Taxonomy for the ICOLS Lexicon

I have resolved that the Roman alphabet shall be re-ordered for the ICOLS Lexicon to refer to the sum of human knowledge which the ICOLS Lexicon will no doubt encompass.

I have applied a set of questions to the letters of the Roman alphabet in an attempt to derive a meaningful order. The process derives from cladistics, the process of arriving at a definition through a series of binary questions.

The questions are drawn from Dewey Decimal Classification 21, one question in order from each of the ten major groupings of the sum of human knowledge, to provide a fair sample of all possible viewpoints from which to approach the subject. Each question provokes a positive or negative response from each letter, the resultant groupings being in turn subjected to the following question. As individual letters are isolated across the spectrum of similarity within ever-decreasing groups they are added in order to the alphabet. The questions were selected at random from my head.

I am sure you will all agree that the resulting alphabet order is more meaningful and will be a great promoter of world peace.