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overflowing in great measure. e.g. the numerous members of ICOLS (International Corporation of Lost Structures). ICOLS thrives on and may eventually burn itself out through -- abundance-- in terms of growing members, expanding projects, international and intergalactic events, discussion, argument, participation. Eventually ICOLS will produce such an abundance of actions, manifestations, correspondences that other things in the world will necessarily shrink to make space. This relates to the characteristic implications of the notion of abundance, where there is abundance in one area, there will be lack in another, and this may be personal, spatial or temporal, not that lack is the opposite of abundance, lack may generate an abundance of other phenomena, and abundance is not necessarily desired by those with lack, as in the grass is greener.

If lack were to be replaced with abundance then shock may ensue since lack can promote desire and so if lack were too suddenly replaced by abundance then desire may potentially become drowned out and the subject may not recover their senses.

manner of perpetual saying of goodbye (--adieu ad infinitum--). The history of farewell ceremonies and rituals varies both synchronically and diachronically. Within ICOLS (International Corporation of Lost Structures) the farewell ceremony between international members meeting on mutually foreign soil takes the form of a directional salute, one member holding out to the other a portion of the ICOLS logo (in cut perspex), a crescent of pale grey, the other member clasping the other portion of the logo, a smaller crescent of vermillion, the two parts touching in mid air, just as G-D put the spark of life into Adam. This ICOLS ceremony is also carried out upon meeting thus creating a perpetual cycle of meeting and farewell, and thus the idea of farewell is always already embodied within the greeting ceremony, and so on, ad infinitum.

agriculture, cultivation, husbandry. Hist derivation--a groan/(grown) o'me-- post-Neolithic agricultural slogan. ICOLS (International Corporation of Lost Structures) strives for a system of positive agronomy - growth without the groan.

the monetary unit of icols

1. Strange adaptation of the famous actress (Blanchette) seen usually in dim light.
2. Spirit vehicle often associated with loneliness and heart break.
3. Small wooden vehicle designed to create assignation.
4. Scary intervention into rational thought.


  1. Adverb; An American word used to define a saleable item (d). Can be used to describe a token act ( marketing term) to suggest a broader democracy than that which exists.
  2. Noun; A type of toothbrush from any signature range.
  3. Noun; Any T-Shirt with a label.
  4. Any stick on label.

  1. Adverb; used to describe a disturbed sod ready for shovel.
  2. Noun; Small map consisting a tiny parts (bits).
  3. Verb; Any group of people who wave wildly from headlands whilst dressed in Estée Lauder's #5 Wode.


geographical instability,having no physical borders or boundaries.
Lack of belonging or existence.

Interpage :

technological device used to publicly access random memories
from individuals in crowded gatherings. (blueprint currently being drawn up
by the icols Department of Dislocated Memory)


conformity to an absent norm.


the quality of non-existence in things that, nevertheless, exist.


a holder of lexicological authority of the last resort.


the climactic moment within a hiatus. elusive and difficult to identify... little research has been done in this field


education of one person by another to perform a specific task, the information usually irrelevant and imparted by a person with no corporate memory


colloq. an amateur


2. encore un, encore une
**another one, that makes the seventh pair of tracks… Encore une, ca fait la septieme trace.

For our first word ‘spirituel’ the dictionary was of course French, in this case Harrap’s Tin Tin Au Pays Des Mots; Dictionnaire Illustre.

We turned to page seven (7) and the second (2) example of the second (2) meaning of the second (2) word we knew we had found the right answer as the number seven[th] appeared.


CMLB: call me later, baby

After repeating stealth three times (3) we consulted our handbook for imperceptible codes, The Total TXTMSG Dictionary.

We turned to page seven (7) and the second (2). On page 77, we found the second meaning

specialised musical term that originated in 18th century Venice. The
term is musical notation for the string section of an orchestra or
quartet and describes the building of a passage from soft to loud.
Stringendo has been superceded by the term crescendo which has the same
meaning but is a more generic term.

an old English term, dating back to the 17century that referred to
doctors or quacks who specialised in ailments of the stomach and bowels.
Unfortunately, as with much medicine of the time, the Stomachers
interventions were more likely to kill than cure the patient.

The subsellium is the mid dermal layer of the outer skin cells of
succulents such as cacti. A tough waterproof membrane that prevents the
plant from losing water and provides structural rigidity. The membrane
was traditionally used in native cultures stuffed with plant fibres such
as pampas grass to make an effective baby’s nappy.



Down Under Australia: rarely used by Australians themselves
1916. The Anzac Book 145: He sat down to think, little dreaming that he was fulfilling Macauley’s prophecy concerning the man from ‘down under’, sitting on the ruins of London Bridge.

The three repetitions of our second (2) word, Squirearchy, produced the word squattocracy which led us directly to A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms, G. A Wilkes.

We turned to page one hundred and twenty seven (127) and the second (2) example of the second (2) meaning of the second (2) word.