ICOLS Conspiracy Theory in a bottle, launch ceremony - Clovelly Beach, N.S.W. Australia

On the 4th of May The inaugural Sydney ICOLS meeting officially launched the first prototype of the 'Fluid conveyance of a data module'.
The 'message in the bottle' was propelled into the coastal waters of New South Wales in the clovelly district at 17:35 Eastern standard time.
Wind speed was 50 knots and a 1.8 metre swell was well over the seasonal average.

The contents of the bottle within are summarised as follows:

"U.S. Government spy satellite archival images, recently decommissioned, with their mission details.
The satellite fly paths cover the same territory on a yearly basis, although with slight  shifts in angles.
These six images were retrieved on August 1963 (images 1-3) and August 1964 (images 4-6) and the territorial focal point is the southernmost tip of Europe Gibraltar, and the entrance to the Mediterranean with North Africa .

I myself appear in these images living in Gibraltar as a foetus in the first three set of images and aged five months in the second set of three images."
- Pat Naldi


Last sighting of the bottle was viewed off the coast of Vanuatu, Figi Islands.