New York ICOLS Meetings

18 Dec 2004 - Thompson Street, Soho
19 Jan 2005 - Greene, St SoHo
26 Jan 2005 - Indian Restaurant, Lexington Avenue



Members present:  Bronia Iwanczak & David Barratt

Location: Office at 60 Thompson Street, SoHo


Should we increase the prices of daiquiris at the hotel?

How's the sound vibration report going?

Whether to work with Sony in the distribution of our new CD compilation.


Report of recent activities:

DB: Off to Africa to collect sounds, and will be out of range for 12 months.

DB: reports an overall less amplitude for the New York greater area, but is

monitoring at various checkpoints. Apologised for tardiness in report. Also,

said that Sony is acting tough at the negotiations table.

BI: Reports that ST has put time limit on release schedule for ICOLS CD,

otherwise we go independent.

Meeting closes 23:00:18:12:04



Members present: Linda Levinson, Bronia Iwanczak, Suzanne Treister & Adrian


Location: Greene Street, SoHo



Report of recent activities. None from NY members

General Discussion: Photographic Emissions

LL: Complains about too many photographic emissions and their consequent

commodification of reality.

BI: suggests that consumption is the rapturous engagement with the opiate of

imagery and that hospitals have been requesting ICOL photographic- community

art workshops for terminally ill patients as a form of pain relief.

AD: Wonders where all the poetry has gone? Suggests we start writing reports

in the 2/4 rhyming structure.

KM: Suggests that soft lighting is conducive to more honest feelings.

SK: Suggests that there are those that teach photography and then their are

those that take photos and that various prejudices should be refrained from.


LL: Adds in her role as security  and privacy officer that there are

personal sovereignty issues with people taking so many pictures in public,

personality rights etc. All agreed that mobile phones were causing problems.

Meeting closed 24:00

Meeting Report:NY: 19:30


Members present: Linda Levinson, Bronia Iwanczak, Suzanne Treister &

McKenzie Wark.

Associate Members: Ian Keldoulis & Bijan Treister.

Location: Indian Restaurant, Lexington Avenue


Whether to expand operations into India.

Consolidation of NY Department

Report for Containerisation worldwide

BI & ST : Congratulate MW on the launch of his new book 'Hacker Manifesto'.

ST: Talks about Indian operations, and a little about Asia.

BI: Gives Annual accounting Report for Containerisation worldwide.

It seems that this report was generated from HQ, in our data mining

operations. A lack was detected in the banal accounting area of space and a

forum was held in January 2004 to address the problems of summarisation. It

was felt that the art of 'summary' was curtailing opportunities to produce

highly detailed documents necessary to maintain fatigue in data operators.

Summary was also making space rental actually cheaper and reducing profits

that could be made by millimetre by millimetre reportage of site storage

features, etc.

The report includes details about:

Over 460 port/terminal throughputs

1,352 manufacturers of equipment and container/swapbodies

578 ports, 684 terminals in over 160 countries

7,794 vessels in commercial service

103 vessels with non-commercial status

950 new buildings

240 non operating owners/managers, including operator listings

510 liner operators, alliances and consortia serving 182 trade routes

245 products categories with 2,500 manufacturers listings

970 amendments to vessel names

All Classification societies

118 Container leasing companies, branch offices and agents

706 Container repair companies and their depots

275 Second-hand container dealers

77 Container conversions companies

267 Institutes and Associations

106 Liner Conferences

79 Rail operators

BIC Codes

108 Shipbrokers S.

MW: Starts discussion about the value of totemistic rings, and demonstrates

the power of his fly ring.(refer picture)

KM: Talks about shamanistic inhabitations regarding animals.

BI: Refers this back to Voodoo therapist and her Snake meetings at Battery

park - perhaps they are getting out of hand.

BT: talks about his cooking CD interactive on Persian home cooking, that

animals are eaten and therefore we inhabit the spirit of that prepared meal.

IK: Admitted he never met an animal he didn't enjoy eating.

Meeting closes:  22:30

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