State Records exhibition - [art meets archive]
Sydney Records Centre, Globe Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000, Australia
11th April - 13th July 2002

In this exhibition, curated by Susan Charlton, the ICOLS website was juxtaposed with 'Archives Investigator' - State Recordsą web-based access and information system.
Susan saw a connection between the ICOLS project and 'Archives Investigator' (AI), which charts the evolution of government agencies - from the beginning of the NSW colony to the present - as a contextual finding aid for researchers seeking State records.
A quick search through the 1500 agencies already documented on 'Archives Investigator' ( ) reveals agencies whose titles, at least, are no less quizzical than those that appear on ICOLS, notably the Board of Tick Control (agency 1950), The Dust Diseases Tribunal (agency 443) and the Wild Dog Destruction Board (agency 1127).

edited from Susan Charlton's press release - April 2002

plan showing location of ICOLS/Archives Investigator exhibit


Directors Suzanne Treister and Bronia Iwanczak
at the opening of the State Records exhibition

photo: Penelope Clay