Australia/Berlin Teleconference - 19th Oct 2003
ICOLS Sydney HQ (Boardroom) 5.00pm - 8pm
ICOLS Berlin HQ (Caspar David Friedrich Suite) 9.00 am - 12.00am

Discussion of Annual ICOLS operations for the third quarter of activity.

Derivatives and profit share consolations in annual overall performance acknowledged with a 25 percent overall increase in Sydney performance. London having a 24 percent increase.

Other European divisions were almagamated in an adjustment relating to capital liquidity for the first quarter giving Europe an overall 35 percent productivity percent .

Audit of all photographic imagery and copyright protections; capital expenditure from unnamed private sources; and legal costs incurred through contested liability on avantgarde public works have been reconciled.

It was agreed that the organisation would be expanding markets into Asia,India and the Amazon for continued viability of it's experimental thought generating profitable obscelesent design department.

The meeting adjourned at 8pm/12am.


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