Alien Poem/Conspiracy Theory Launch
Clovelly Beach Ramp, 11pm, 11 Nov 2003

Rumourologists, Local Unit of Missing Links

11/11/03 (Armistice day). Rumourologists in the Local Unit of Missing Links launched their Alien poem Conspiracy theory from the Clovelly Beach Ramp at 11pm.
Weather conditions were permitting, with a slight southerly breeze and a maximum tidal pull. The surrounding environment was conspicuously quiet.

The Dogon people tried to warn us.
We ignored them.
The Roswell incident should have alerted us.

We laughed
The Invasion of the Body Snatchers
We mistook for entertainment

The Facts so Far:

The planet Sirius has an evil twin.
Creatures from this planet have lived amongst us for 50 years.
These aliens have probed, experimented, kidnapped and cloned humans.
They have the ability to assume the outer appearance of matter, to take the form of anything they want. They are true chameleons
They have infected the highest levels of power in USA, Great Britain and Australia. Bush, Blair and Howard are amongst the millions infected.
These creatures we refer to as the Hollow Men.
Their aim: to replace humans on earth
Their plan: to begin a third world war so that most humans will wipe themselves out, leaving the planet vacant for their waiting colonists.
The evidence:
Many people have risked their life to spread the word, to warn us. But did we listen? No. We scoffed, we ridiculed, we jeered. Many of the people who worked on films like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers are now dead.
It is no coincidence that most of the testimonies of an alien presence have emanated from the USA and Great Britain. In fact the invasion might have started earlier than previously thought, possibly at the beginning of the British Empire given that both empires aspire to world domination of the anglo language and dress code.
(The aliens may find the anglo language and dress code easier to emulate?)
‘The white man’s burden’, a clever ruse.
The proximity of Roswell in the Southwest of the USA and Bush’s home state of Texas. The Roswell aliens’ arrival dates to the early 40’s, Bush was ‘born’ in the early 40’s, not far from the site of the alien spaceship!
Praying, prayer and other forms of alien communication are being used on an innocent population, especially in Texas. Bush is using thousands of people in Texas as human antennas to communicate through a secret code with the alien ships circling the planet, waiting for the dominoes to fall.
The Columbia space shuttle accident in February was no accident. Unfortunately those astronauts saw something out there that they weren’t suppose to see.
With great risk to our own safety we have intercepted one of the ‘prayer’ transmissions, listen carefully. Don’t be alarmed.

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