Johannes Sistermanns (Germany)

soundartist, composer, producer of multimedia events

Department of Future Projections




1_york'n ew


Area defense through sonic arrows


and building up of new architectures.


The moment the arrows are shot


their passage materializes in space


as abstract structures


as scaffoldings for new buildings


which people can inhabit.


After setting up the scaffolding-structure


architects build houses


and abstract forms


in illuminated cement and bricks.


The culmination of this new architecture


is always in a peak


which itself defends this particular area on earth.



Every building


and abstract structure


has its own specific supporting sound.


Architecture and sound


creating a so far unseen environment


for living, thinking, sounding and building.


Not for aiming anywhere.


Just for being in there and going on from there to ...



Johannes Sistermanns

Department of Future Projections


1_york'n ew