by Bronia Iwanczak


ISEA14:8:04 18:8:04
Helsinki- Marienhamm - Tallin _ Helsinki

15:8:04 Olympic terminal : All aboard the Silja Jet for an experiment in two day tech head isolated ecology of networking.

ICOLS presents the Arms Fair in the Salome room, a reference to the cerebrally amputated.

A triptych video presentation, interactives and model, demonstrate aspects of the ICOLS comprehensive military - industrial critique of commercial applications in the areas of security and destabilising geopolitical identities.


Gambling and late 80's velour furniture sets the scene for cross cultural exchanges and a celebratory drink as the Silja Jet nears the de militarised zone of Aland.

9-10-11 Aland.

Time to deposit some hard currency into one of their neutral banks- and of course some golf. ICOL Director Iwanczak and Julianne Curator of Misdemeanours and possibilities go play a round of golf with the towns fire inspector and Bob Hopes ex-caddy.

Back to the ship for a sauna and a swim. ICOLS member Tim Nohe takes water sample of rare retro virus.

ICOLS accepts complimentary gift of Scandinavian design genius - a seal shaped mobile phone holder.

methods of release- Evacuation

looking for ways to end the floating retreat

ICOLS fashion advertisement billboard launched at the E.M.F.C.A - Estonian Museum for Fetishised Communism Artifacts

Back in Helsinki-more deals are struck

Tallin another deal struck


Curator of Misdemeanours and possibilities with Funambulist check Attendance rates at ISEA

Rumerologists unleash gossip strains about the ISEA organising Committee

Curator of Misdemeanours and possibilities checks in with associate member, New York Times lifestyle correspondent Ian K

Archivist from Dislocated Memory finds purpose behind technology conferences

ICOLS Co-director and Mistress of Virtual relations at Gender specific networking session.

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