Meeting report: SYDNEY:19:00:3:10:04 *

Note some of the meeting has been encrypted for security purposes.


Members present:
Drew McCrae,David Haines, John Tonkin, Jacky Redgate, Helen Grace,Melinda Rackham, Suzanne Director and Bronia Iwanczak and by Defacto communication: Legal counsellor D.R



Welcome to New members
ISEA Report
Future activities for DSTF
Investment portfolio: Disaster relief stocks
Congestion of Report writing

BI & ST : Introduce new members Drew McCrae, Julianne Pierce and Akamatsu (Japan- not present due to training for the winter Olympics ­ Snow Boarding)

BI: gives ISEA report: Mission completed: Trade fair launched in the DMZ zone of Aland. Refer to other online report for extended description. Some problems came up with internal surveillance on board the boat. fg 000456 78uiy4nmg210mj nh0009agfevsc ­jkn765fte frd 24318gdPPP 9+ sdq435 vdcs 76hg37bnn2m. 1-lkmon999- frt 786bg3 56w eer 12qonb764u4u3j382jke78 099 ­ ubna sffg245f klg45vfde901 q56 bfdc 6432/

ST: takes members through examples of the contributions.

JR: responds with concerns about : gh8890 mn3452 hgbs vb eioori hjygbjmmno 99845ijk7

BI: Rings legal counsel...

DR: responds and assures it is all within democratic structures of free speech, etc

HG: Chimes in with some questions about political correctness.

BI & ST report on future activities for DSTF at Australian venues. Performance space for April 2005.

BI: Reports on investment returns from reconstruction companies in Lebanon.

ST: Alerts us to the backlog in reports, some departments are behind in report writing, for example: the annual discontent report is two years late.

The coffee room has finally a new service bar. Meeting closes at 21:00

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