ICOLS Sydney members meeting - 16th June 2002

To discuss MCA ICOLS Launch - 13th July 2002


Apologies: JC held back due to obligations in the ICOLS creche, and Pam Brown ????

ST: shows video of space, should include in the event

St: introduces Agenda, asks for input and comments.

BI adds that this is a general structure for how the day may go, but that we were looking for input from the group. That we need to look at what is intrinsic about the structure of ICOLS and elaborate or represent that structure. Ie. incorporating artists from O/S through sound works, amplifying mobile phones, DH adds webcam. (general discussion ensues) RC adds that time zones may be a challenge, and that we should do pre recordings and fake it.

ACTION: ST & BI to gain prerecordings of various O/S members, as MP3 files.

DH & NH to help to put in format that can be amplified on the day.

DH adds simple equipment is all that is necessary, simple stereo equipment. DH has some and NH as well will supply amplifying equipment.

NH: Vikor to open it, old fashioned fair, tables manned by elderly people.

NH & DH: Who is the Audience?

General response: all our friends

DH: EQUIPMENT* Video projector can be supplied by DH for the day to amplify website on wall.

RG: we need to keep the overall event down to two hours. (2pm-4pm)

JT: Are our subdepartments allowed to generate income through cake stalls?

FOOD: general discussion about what kind of food might be made for the day, fete style food. JR: Chocolate Crackles, Coco nut Pyramids. MR: We have to have Vo Vos, Cocktail onions. General mention of an ICOLS Cake. Cake having the ICOLS Logo. AC: reinforces that we need to use the ICOLS Logo to drive the conceptual look. Someone makes a suggestion about Baseball caps, that it would be easy to generate. There is a general discussion about t-shirts. Iron on transfers as a strategy. MM suggests car stickers.

EVENTS: The raffle (later ST shows corresponding ICOLS colours for the grey

and orange raffle tickets that she bought), if we were to take this strategy.

There is a general discussion about what might be raffled or auctioned.

Islands, Christmas Islands etc. This by association leads to a discussion about our current immigration minister Ruddock, and RC says that we could create a structure on the day for people to become shareholders in ICOLS.

There is a general discussion about bonds and shares, the legal ramifications etc. Everyone is keen.

BI: mentions that refugee republic has a share structure, and that we could have a look at it, also says she will look into legals with our legal counsel DR in securities and equity division of ICOLS.

ACTION: BI to research structure by advise with corporate lawyer. Set up graphic structure presentation, and work with JT on a faux model for website, and share slips for the day.

The auction of the island: there were subdivisions of value, a ruddock was = to…

DH: suggested to leak a story to the press about this, he said it had been

quite successful. All agreed.

ACTION: DH & RG to do press release strategy, and DH to leak to press!

Some discussion about having a personality to open the show: Someone suggested Peter Elyard because he has a shoe fetish about artists using their conceptual creativity to design shoes in Milan and therefore rationalises the government expenditure that goes towards arts in Australia. Then a relative of Ruddock was mooted. No conclusion. Generally not supported to have any celebrity. We are all celebrities it was decided.

JT: suggests Tit feeling box, and then MR suggests a Testicle feeling box. Some discussion ensues about practicality, no action was pursued.


BI: suggests Sound work, NH responds that it would overwhelm the space. BI argues that we could have it in an ambient way with relevant peaks a various times. Ie. messages from Hungary and UK.

ST: suggests the already existing works of Ihor, Richard, Brodsky, etc for part of the sound surround. BI suggests the possibility of a discreet sound listening device (CD & Headphones) for people who want to really hear the tracks. BI suggests a compilation CD as a record of events, and part of the transportable, nomadic transtravelling nature of ICOLS.

Later discussion was had at dinner, it was all agreed that everyone would contribute a sound work, but that Karoke was not allowed unless a conceptual reference as in RG's comment Lost Music- James Taylor.

ACTION: All members to supply sound work to David Haines as MP3 file to go on collective CD. It will be sold in a limited edition at the opening and kept for future events as an ICOLS product.

DEADLINE: for sound files is: ?? David?

ST: reinforces that if anybody has some future ideas for projects to come forth.


Membership cards. All agreed that everyone has a graveyard of empty plastic card holders from past conferences that can be recycled for the day.

ACTION: everyone to bring all they have on the day to cover those who have chucked all theirs out. BI & ST to generate personalised name tags.

JR: adds what about T-SHIRTS, more discussion about, applique, knitting, an icols embroidery kit ensue.

AC: adds that perhaps we should have a slogan on the back. " No future, but what we make for you" paraphrasing terminator.

ACTION: No resolution on T-shirts, it was generally felt that we might be overlogoing ourselves if we did this.

FLYERS / Tables and notice boards

ST & BI bring up flyers. A discussion ensued about one table per department for flyers.

ST will make A4 folded dept tags for each table. ST calculated which Sydney members could man which table.


Suzanne Treister - Director

Bronia Iwanczak - Director

Nigel Hellyer - OM - Celestial Empire

The Local Unit of Missing Links

Jackie Redgate - Culinary photographer

Department of Global Nostalgia

John Tonkin - Chief Conflator

International Dept of Local Aesthetics

Richard Grayson - Night Manager

Jacqueline Millner- Aesthetic Arbitrator

Department of Global Nostalgia

Melinda Rackham- Mistress of Virtual Relations

Department of Dislocated Memory

David Haines - Psychic Architect

Pam Brown - Job Share Archivist

Department of Global Disenchantment

Alan Cholodenko - Insurance Investigator

The Department of Future Projections has no Sydney members.

Someone may like to offer to look after that table if there is more than one Sydney member in their dept. Offers?

Every member offered up a proposal for their flyer contribution.

(International members will be invited to send flyers too)

NH: A flyer questionnaire with the OM frequency in an origami structure. BI

suggested for him to have less questions than what were on the site.

Slight lateral interruption... DH suggests ICOLS dating service, JR mentions a comments book on each table. BI suggests a suggestion box for returning questionaries. NH, RG, AC, & DH ensue discussion about a simulated commission for the past, or for the lost future, a type of Catskills retreat. (Like the Bilderberg Group) No resolution at present as to how that will manifest. ie through pamphlet etc. JR: wonders if we can have a public sculpture on the MCA lawn? David suggests a treasure hunt from the MCA with clues, object, a plumbers tube with ICOSL time capsule of ICOLS stuff hidden in Sydney , in a Newtown alley?

JT: will do A4 info sheet, daggy in aesthetic style

JR: Interested in doing random rubbings of various objects and surfaces.

DH: A5 press release

AC: Test, lots of Text- brochure

RG: to decide..a report/announcement from the night manager?

BI: A4 pamphlet on mental health


NN+MM - …Jules Verne ….flyer

MR: wants to make a model of peoples roles..cut up in sections

JM: pamphlet with questionnaire on aesthetics ***

KB: Bookmarks

BI + JT: the ICOLS shares certificates?

ST: says that we have to stay in the colours of ICOLS orange, red, white, grey and black.

BI: adds that she wants about 150 photocopies of each, so that we can use left overs for our O/S projects and for archival purposes.

BI: to generate ICOLS stamp of authenticity for material that artists can sign.

THE ICOLS BROCHURE (using fees from State Archives Show)

BI & ST : to generate full colour A4 pamphlet describing the organisation's operations.

This will be the main ICOLS promo / info brochure.

It will be available at the launch and copies will be sent to members around the world for further distribution. It will also be used in later operations and as part of future local and international funding application packages.

BI: That everyone wants to ask questions but no one wants to answer them - this could be the subject of a report for Simon Poulter.


Slide projection of offices as solution on offices presntation for this event. ACTION: everyone must have their offices done. ST will send jpgs of all the offices to David and he will get slides done


Minutes taken by Bronia Iwanczak