Simon Poulter
Systems Analyst
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Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 13:49:01 -0800
From: simon poulter

report November 2001
Simon Poulter

This is my first report on matters so far. I am happy to conclude that Global Disenchantment has been achieved in the near term and we expect this to continue in the mid to long term. Our forecasters are predicting an 15-20% increase in subversion, malpractice and disharmony in the period September 2001 - September 2002. This is largely made up as follows:

World Crisis - all targets successfully achieved.

Local Unrest - 80% disenchantment recorded in African states, 90% disenchantment recorded in Middle East areas and a record 62% in the USA.

Economic downturn - We now predict an overall disenchantment factor of 5%. This will translate into an estimated 22 million unemployed in the Western economies plus an additional 56 million in the Far East.

Crime - We are happy to report that crime figures have leveled off. However unrecorded crime is at a record level. We do not have figures for this but our agents are working on it.

Poverty - The NP index (noxious poverty) favoured by our analysts suggests that overall more people will be in abject poverty over the short to mid term. This index is put together by averaging all indicators and then rounding up or down according to GDP figures.

Quality of Life Indicators - We note an overall 2% reduction in quality of life for the global population. This figure may seem small but when viewing the figures as a whole we also note that in some cases 'QOL' has risen hugely but at the same time most people are experiencing some 'issues'. The Issue Base to GDP coefficient awkwardly generates a larger figure. This rounds up to two interpretations.
1 People are slightly more unhappy
2 A few people a very happy as long as they remain unaware of others

War - Figures for this have risen in line with overall disenchantment. Our computer ('the summariser') predicts new wars in the Middle East, Chinese Border areas and continued conflict in Africa. We have been asked by the ICOLS Executives to redefine war. We will be doing this in the next quarter.

Simon Poulter