Tim Nohe
DETRITUS, 30 days in 1999 Wendover, Utah and West Wendover, Nevada, USA  The Center for Land Use Interpretation CLUI

July 18
15 meters South of CLUI domicile unit.

July 19
Army Airbase strafing site.

July 20
Debris field, auto pool garage, adjacent to "Enola Gay" hangar.

July 21
"Con Air" crew leavings, ammo building, cinder block type, South base.

July 22
Extracted from room 502, the "Evander Hollyfield Room," located in the "20 below" building.

July 23
Coal extracted from a bin located between two foundation slabs, East of CLUI domicile unit.

July 24
Skeet shooting target, "clay pigeon," pulled from the muck, South base shooting ranges.

July 25
Baggage claim checks, found tucked into a crack in the CLUI Exhibition Hall. 

July 26
Dumped asphalt leavings, runway tarmac.

July 27
Crumbling airport apron, South East tarmac.

July 28 
Fragment of inert "Little Boy" type bomb unit, Found rolled away from atomic bomb loading pit, SE runway, center

July 29
The artist's laundry receipt. "Drop your bundles here.

July 30
Mid-20th C. Coca Cola bottle fragments, found in looping 15 x 30 meter search pattern adjacent to CLUI studio.

July 31
Casino member's card found at an illegal dumping site on the Silver Mountain loop maintained by the US Bureau of Land Management.

August 1
Rusted keyhole found in "E" shaped building immediately South of CLUI facilities.

August 2 
USAF accident report form, dated "1955."

August 3
Glass melted in a fire that destroyed the City of Wendover's Animal Shelter.

August 4
Spent fireworks, Silver Mountain loop.

August 5
Polaroid snapshot found in dump site adjacent to CLUI domicile unit.

August 6
Fragment of destroyed aircraft instrument panel, "Con Air" tailings, near weapons storage magazines, South base.

August 7
"Wild, Wild West" action figure modeled on Will Smith. Abandoned in gravel parking lot, Wendover Utah.

August 8
found in a gutter besides the I-80 overpass.

August 9
Bart Simpson wind-up toy found at the edge of the weather eroded taxi apron of the airfield. Toy still functions.

August 10
Pyrotechnic ejecta from filming of "Con Air." Found on top of weapons storage magazine, South base.

August 11
Small arms shells, .22 - .45, South base firing ranges.

August 12
Salt encrusted aircraft fragment, pulled from the muck, South base.

August 13
Origami crane found in the ruined offices of the "Enola Gay" hangar. In elegiac remembrance of Hiroshima?

August 14
"Muscle car" logo pulled from a work bench, auto pool garage, adjacent to "Enola Gay" hangar.

August 15
20 mm cannon shells extracted from the salt flats in the vicinity of the v-1 launch ramp ruins, South Base.

August 16
Alien, found outside CLUI Exhibition Hall.