Children's Demonstration
Above are stills from video footage presented at Artspace, Sydney, of a local children's demonstration which occurred on Thursday 20th September 2001 in the Sydney neighbourhood of Woolloomooloo.
The demonstration, which addressed a myriad of issues, passed through local streets, the Navy base and the recently redeveloped Finger Wharf.
This event was instigated and workshopped by Treister and Iwanczak with children aged 6 - 9 from the Juanita Nielson Recreation centre in Woolloomooloo and can be seen as an inquiry into the political e/affectiveness of action for social change and political justice.
Finely balanced between fiction and reality this piece also challenges representations of related local and international events in the media, whilst also allowing the children to express their own environmental concerns and develop a sense of their own voice and power within society.
Banners and flags made by the children were presented in the gallery alongside the video footage.

Investigative Essay by Richard Grayson
(Night Manager - International Department of Local Aesthetics)