Welcome to the International Corporation of Lost Structures

The International Corporation of Lost Structures (ICOLS) was founded in November 2000 by Suzanne Treister, joined shortly afterwards by Bronia Iwanczak as co-director.

ICOLS is an artist driven, international cross cultural collaborative organisation whose growing number of members/contributors include artists, writers, film makers, scientists, poets, anthropologists, theorists, activists, art historians and practitioners from various other disciplines.

ICOLS has a central website www.icols.org where projects and activities are archived.

ICOLS occupies an imaginary 9th dimensional architectural space throughout which individual membersą offices are located.

ICOLS physical manifestations and live events include launches, publications, installations, site specific projects and interventions, workshops and other activities.

ICOLS is intended to be a creative international space which utilises as a structural device the dominant contemporary model of the corporate structure. Within this structure the departments' titles; Department of Global Disenchantment, Department of Revolutionary Nostalgia, Department of Future Projections, Local Unit of Missing Links, Department of Global Nostalgia, International Department of Local Aesthetics, Department of Dislocated Memory, create contextsfor analyses of history, the present day and projections for the future.

ICOLS objectives are that through collaboration and members' involvement in their own explorative developing projects, the ICOLS model will become a fascinating conceptual and sometimes also humourous and beautiful investigation into, and commentary upon, our current position/s in relation to history, culture, nostalgia, communications and bio-technologies, global capitalism, aesthetics, ethics, belief systems and revolution.

Please select a department from the above menu to view the projects undertaken by our ICOLS staff members. These projects will be continuously added to and updated.

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Yours sincerely,

Suzanne Treister and Bronia Iwanczak

Directors ICOLS